Hustling Sucks.

I got an email yesterday from a guy who asked why I didn’t update my blog on the weekends.

He said if it was meant to be a daily blog, why should he subscribe if it wasn’t going to be truly daily? Why wasn’t I “hustling” more?

My answer was pretty simple. I told him that I don’t “hustle” on my weekends. It’s that easy. I don’t hustle on the weekend because I have a life I need to live outside of my business.

I don’t hustle because to me, getting that level of added success by sacrificing my Sunday isn’t worth the hangover of not having more time on my Monday.

Success is something you’ve got to want.

You’ve got to want it.

But you don’t have to want it every single day. Some days, you’re not going to feel like it. I think that’s my biggest struggle in the world, is trying to balance what I know I have to do with what I feel like doing.

We’re told to hustle 24/7. We’re told we have to crush it all the time. But crushing it all the time isn’t always possible. Crushing it all the time can lead to a nervous break down.

If I don’t feel like it, then I don’t do it. That’s what it comes down to.

Joan Westenberg is an award winning Australian contemporary writer, Angel investor and creative director. She is the founder of branding and advertising firm Studio Self. Her approach to messaging, communication and semiotics has built her reputation as a writer, and she has been named as one of the leading startup voices in Australia by SmartCompany.

Her writing has appeared in The SF Chronicle, Wired, The AFR, The Observer, ABC, Junkee, SBS, Crikey and over 40+ publications. Her regular work can be found on Pizza Party, a blog about creativity, culture and technology. Joan is the creator of, an open-source workplace inclusion hack.