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I think some people are still waiting for the world to be handed to them. They want to be discovered, want to be an overnight success, want some company or some celebrity to come down from the mountain top, and give them a free ticket.

It’s about waiting for gatekeepers to give them permission to make, build, create and dream. And I know exactly where that comes from. It’s the story we’re sold. You become a viral celebrity, and you get signed by some company that gives you your own show. It’s the same story we get sold repeatedly about lucky people being given their lucky break.

And you know what the story is intended to do? Help the powerful stay powerful. Help the rich stay rich. Keep you grateful and controlled.

If you’re waiting for permission and a handout and waiting for the golden people to let you in, it just perpetuates the idea that people should be allowed to keep controlling access to freedom and creativity and entrepreneurship making. That kind of thing serves the corporations and the curators pretty well. It lets them keep playing a massive part in the supply chain. It lets them keep owning what we consume and when we consume it. It lets them own the narrative. It lets them own everything. It lets them own you.

What’s the alternative? Go indie. Stay indie. Don’t give in.

I don’t see a reason to wait for permission. Permission isn’t coming. Nobody is going to turn around and say, “You know what? Now, you’re allowed to build that software. Now, you’re allowed to make what you want to make. Now, you’re allowed to be who you are inside.” I think we spend so much time waiting for permission because it’s what we’ve been trained to do. When we want to start something new or live out our truth, we look for the gatekeeper. We’re used to hall passes, time outs and parental/societal safety nets, and that’s what we’re waiting for now.

The truth is, nobody gives a damn if you’re holding back. Nobody cares if you’re trying to be someone you’re not, nobody cares if your ideas never turn into reality, nobody cares if you have a notebook full of incredible concepts, nobody cares if you have the potential to change the world. Nobody gives a good Goddamn enough to turn around and permit you to let all of that out. The only way to make them care is to decide that the permission doesn’t matter, and you’re going to do it all anyway, and if they hate it, love it, or react with complete indifference, at least you’ll know. At least you won’t be waiting anymore.


  • Get in the van.

  • You don’t need permission.

  • Be prepared to make a certain number of sacrifices.

  • Don’t. Burn. Out.

  • Be okay with getting it wrong.

  • Don’t listen to anyone else’s limits.

  • There are no shortcuts.

  • Follow your dreams. Unless your dreams suck.

  • The greatest tragedy is when you don’t try.

  • The time to start is now.

  • Working for yourself isn’t freedom. But it is the next best thing…

  • How to make something people give a shit about

  • You are your brand.

  • The score takes care of itself.

  • Staying hungry.

  • Whole-ass one thing.

  • Dedicate one hour each day to your craft.

  • Nothing is impossible if you know how to start.

  • Don’t grow.

  • Just show up.

  • Make them pay what you’re worth

  • Tell people what you want. Then let them help you.

  • It only looks perfect to you.

  • Whatever you make? Go for simplicity.

  • No matter what you do, someone will hate you.

  • The hard truth.