Interview: We Like The ZombieToadz

"I love being able to operate with other humans on a trustless system."

ZombieToadz is a unique NFT project, built around a DAO that maintains fractional ownership of CrypToadz and other properties. I caught up with @moontanrecords to talk about the state of the Swamp.

How did you join the ZombieToadz project?

I joined ZombieToadz shortly after the project was founded; once I understood what was actually going on and the potential of ZombieToadz, and that they were the first ones to piece this together with fractalizing rare CrypToadz I knew they were on to something. 

As a CrypToadz derivative, what makes ZombieToadz stand out as a forked project?

For me, this project stood out because one it's zombies, and two the classic game theory of just waiting patiently and being rewarded was too good to ignore. The artwork and atmosphere it generates are also appealing. I'd probably get along with people who like this sort of digital art.

What are some examples of how the Zombie mechanics and tokenomics work?

I like to imagine it as one big system feeding off itself. You have the fractalized vault, which is almost like staking in itself, but by you staking your ZombieToadz you're creating an interesting "stakeception" whereas not only do you gain utility through systems like breeding but access to a passive generation of income from this fractalized vault. I'm a fan of putting something away and keeping it safe for an indefinite time and being rewarded later on for doing so.

What was your role in putting the project together?

I don't see it so much as a role, but a duty to the community. I was feeling like I'd be given back to a lot already by the NFT community as a whole and I knew I understood what needed to happen for the community to at least stay ignited while the dev's worked hard to navigate what needed to happen. Because there's a DAO involved the dev team has to be super malleable and I think they've done an awesome job at this, and I'm excited to see where they go from here. 

How do you view the relationship between tech and collectibles?

Well, I personally have a pretty big physical collection through trading cards and old video game memorabilia. As soon as I delved into NFT's that bug definitely translated. I think it's an important relationship that at least through my generation has always been around. A save file from my original Pokemon Blue version would be as valuable as a bar of gold to me, in my eyes.

What gives Zombies longevity as a project, as a token and as a DAO?

There are some really sharp community members able to articulate the best vision forward for the longevity of the project. This I believe. Of course, there are all ranges of people contributing, that's what makes a DAO interesting, but the few that can actually provide insight and help educate others is a nice thing to witness. Also, who doesn't love having the ability to raise the floor of the Rare CrypToadz by 100E because people are getting tipped off from our DAO chat? LMAO. I'll never forget that day.

What do you hope people get out of it?

A rewarding experience in understanding smart contracts, and the cool ability one has over their own ability to govern assets with utility.

What is your perception of where Web3 assets are heading?

I hope away from dependence on any non-decentralized infrastructure. I love being able to operate with other humans on a trustless system.

What projects do you like to collect on your own time?

I'm pretty careful with what I get into. I love Gutter Cat Gang, Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult, and a small project called Pixel Cat Gang. Of course, I'll always have an interest in the ZombieToadz ecosystem. I'm a big fan of pixelated art.