You are enough.

One of the oldest jokes in every romantic comedy and every sitcom is that the folks who decide that they're happy on their own and that they are enough for themselves, are delusional and are just killing time until the right someone comes along. The mass-market message is this - you, as a human being, are incomplete without the influence and input of someone else to give your life meaning. 

That's the biggest load of crap I have ever heard. You are no less valuable, no less beautiful and no less wonderful for your solitude. You are nothing to be pitied, for walking your path alone. You have strength. You have a strength that has been tested and has been proven, and I think that's a marvellous thing. 

You don't need someone. You don't need anyone. You are enough.

Human beings evolved an incredible capacity for love over millions of years. And then in the space of a few short decades, TV shows convinced us that love was only valuable if it was romantic love between 2 attractive 20-30-year-old straight people living in New York, and that all other forms of love were empty. 

I'm not buying tickets to that idea.